Saturday, 14 May 2011

Making My Puppets Continued...

I then painted the heads and made some funky foam necks.

I then made the teachers hat from funky foam covered in sock material and his mustache and eyebrows made from funky foam. I put wire in the mustache to make it animatable. I also made glasses for the schoolboy from wire, funky foam and the back of googly eyes for the white part.

I then began to make clothes by measuring the puppets, making patterns from paper and then cutting the cloth to size. I sewed the main seems together and glued the edges.

I finished the clothes of with collars, ties, buttons and belts.

I made shoes for the school boy from funky foam and using the same method, I used card for the teachers shoes as he will not be moving much.

I sculpted mouths for the teacher from Plasticine and made mouths for the school boy from card and funky foam.

I finished the puppets off with Milliput eyes painted black. I also made Plasticine eyelids for the teacher and one set of angry eye lids for the school boy. I made a simple background to bring the piece together which I think works well.

Friday, 13 May 2011

Making My Puppets

I got Louis Ralph to help me design my characters for my character interaction piece. I then built them. Here is how I did it.

I started by building some wire armatures with shrink rap to strengthen the joints and K and S for the bones. I made all the limbs, head and body sections replaceable in-case of any breakages. I also made a rigging point in each armature in case there was any problem with them standing or moving on their feet.

I then padded the armatures out with Miliput, hard blue foam and soft foam. I also made the balsa wood cores for the heads.

I made hands from layers of funky foam.

I then sculpted the heads with Super Sculpy.

To be continued...

Animation Photos

Here are some photos I took while animating my pieces for my University show reel...