Friday, 11 May 2012

The Beginning of The End

This was my last week filming. Here are just a few photos that sum up the week...

To shoot some close ups of the machine I moved the machine forward which allowed me to re-shot some of the shots that looked far away.

Just as I was shooting the last shot with The Man, his wrist broke! I got the shot but it felt like perfect trimming. If it had broken sooner I did have a spare set but they were not as nice as this pair. 

My puppet rests after a long six weeks shooting.

I noticed that The Mechanic's ear had cracked as I was filming his last shots, but thankfully this was not noticeable on camera.

Once I finished I tidied up to keep all my tools together. Now I just have to edit the film and use After Effects to take out rigs and add some special effects.

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