Friday, 11 May 2012

More Machine and Set Photos

Here are some more Machine and Set photos before I rip the set down for good...

Here is a close up of the Rivets and Rust finish I put on the Machine. The rust toned in well with the orange and yellow set and the turquoise contrasted nicely.

Here is the chair in situ and you can see the world and star maps on the walls. I feel like I should have showed them more in the film but I hope that even just having them in the background gives the set more history.

Here you can see the fairy lights I used to light up the set behind The Machine. They were really useful as I was able to move them around depending on the shot.

Here you can see the red and yellow filters I used on the lights to give the cave set an other worldly feel. The effect worked really well. Coloured filters really help to set the mood and tone of the lighting.

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